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Where to find the Key Sigils in Enkanomiya- Genshin Impact

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The Genshin Impact v2.4 update it now live. And with it, a new area has been added to the game. Enkanomiya, a new and strange land beneath Inazuma. If you still need help to get to Enkanomiya, you can read our guide here. But if you’ve already made it, you might now want to get yourself the various Key Sigils you can find across Enkanomiya.

What are Key Sigils in Enkanomiya?

The Key Sigils are items that can only be found and used in Enkanomiya. There are five different kinds of Sigils, each with their own mark which unlocks a matching mark.

Because you can only unlock the marks that share the same symbol as your Sigil, it might be best to collect one of each type before you start making your rounds to unlock the marks. That way you’re not running back and forth constantly in search of the sigils.

Key Sigils on Mini-Map

Much like Oculuses, Key Sigils will and can appear on the Mini Map. So whilst you’re traveling around Enkanomiya, keep an eye out for any potential Sigils that might avoid your gaze but not the mini-maps!

Key Sigil Locations

Lucky for you, the game’s not exactly stingy on Key Sigils. Instead, you can find them just about everywhere. So we’ve marked just about where you can find them and in which locations:

Key Sigils I

There are Key Sigils I, you can find them in:

  • 5 in The Narrows
  • 3 in Dainichi Mikoshi
  • 3 in The Serpent’s Heart
  • 3 in Evernight Temple

Key Sigils II

There are Key Sigils II, you can find them in:

  • 1 in Dainichi Mikoshi
  • 2 in the Serpent’s Heart
  • 1 in Kunade Locus

Key Sigils III

There are Key Sigils III, you can find them in:

  • 1 in Dainichi Mikoshi
  • 1 in the Serpent’s Heart
  • 1 in Kunade Locus

Key Sigils IV

There are Key Sigils IV, you can find them in:

  • 1 in The Narrows
  • 3 in Evernight Temple
  • 4 in the Serpent’s Heart

Key Sigils V

There are Key Sigils V, you can find them in:

  • 2 in The Narrows
  • 2 in Dainichi Mikoshi
  • 2 in Evernight Temple
  • 3 in the Serpent’s Heart

If you’re still in need of help and want more specifics then you can use this map which will pinpoint exact locations for you.

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