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Where to find Holiday Presents! in Fortnite

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Day 8 of Fortnite’s Winterfest brings the hardest challenge yet. It’s pretty much based on luck, so how do you use a Holiday Presents! Item in Fortnite?

Winterfest is well and truly underway in Fortnite, as are Sgt Winter’s Winterfest challenges, the completion of which can land you a brand-new Glider and Back Bling. They’ve been fairly easy to complete so far, with the likes of just travelling with icy feet or flying with a chicken, but most of them have also required finding or using a specific item. Day 8 is no different, but it is harder than ever, requiring one of the rarest items in the game.

Winterfest challenges reward
Snowmando Board Glider Winterfest reward

What is a Holiday Presents! item in Fortnite?

Holiday Presents! are a Legendary item in Fortnite which we sometimes see on special occasions like the Battle Royale’s birthday and, like right now, the holiday season. It appears as a wrapped gift, and, when thrown, opens up into a huge present which spawns some of the rarer Fortnite loot inside. Holiday Presents! are probably among the best loot available in the game right now.

How to find a Fortnite Holiday Presents! item

Since the Holiday Presents! item is so good, it’s also really rare, and will only spawn as floor loot and not in chests. Since the Fortnite loot table is randomised and the same loot doesn’t spawn in the same place every match, it’s pretty much impossible to tell you where you might find Holiday Presents! this is why this challenge is among the most difficult… it’s pretty much entirely based on luck.

Artemis map Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Go to the outer edges of the map

Despite the challenge being luck based, there are things you can do to increase your chances of finding Holiday Presents!. The best would be to start the match in one of the outer areas of the map. Generally speaking, less people drop into these places, so there is more chance that you won’t be fighting others for the loot there. As you are running around the edges of the map, and heading inwards, keep your eyes peeled for any glints of gold, as the Legendary item will give off a golden shimmer.

Go where there is more ground loot

Another way of increasing your chances of finding Holiday Presents! is to go where you know there will be plenty of floor loot. In Chapter 3, Season 1, some of the best places for floor loot are the Daily Bugle, Logjam Lumberyard and The Joneses. However, don’t forget the above point that you may find yourself fighting lots of other players for the loot in these locations.

Sgt Winter’s presents don’t count!

As you may already have seen, Sgt Winter is roaming around the map on a truck, throwing out very similar presents to those who chase him down (and don’t shoot him!). However, despite being the Holiday Presents! mechanic, as you are not actually using the item, it doesn’t count towards to challenge.

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