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Want to Feel Good? Read This Uplifting Photography Story

Everyone likes a feel-good story (unless they’re dead inside), and today we’re sharing a happy, fuzzy photography story. It’s a story about a student and teacher, and it highlights the importance of being grateful for those who help us develop our photography skills. So, if you fancy a feel-good tingle in your brain, keep reading.

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Photography Story: Part One

I often browse Reddit to read real-world photography stories. Most of the posts are from photographers sharing images, asking for tips, or discussing issues with the photo industry. However, this post stood out from the pack and pulled on my heartstrings.

A photographer wrote how he had a handful of people who greatly helped him through his photography journey. One teacher really made an impact by helping the photographer find his way around the Canon 1D. The camera was one of the earliest additions to digital photography when it was released in 2001. The Reddit user admitted he had lost touch with his teacher, so he decided to track him down and make contact.

He found his teacher’s address via Google. He couldn’t be sure if it was definitely him or if he still lived at the address. However, he decided to give it a shot. Rather than sending an email, he went old school and sent him a handwritten postcard. Here’s what he wrote:

“I wanted to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. I write to you as a XXXX High School grad of 2004, having taken your photography class as a senior. You left a great impression on me as a student. I still have the binders of HP5+ negatives I developed with your help as well as the many prints I made in your darkroom.

In the past year, I’ve put more time into growing my freelance photography business. Until now, it has remained steady for 17 years as a side job. I have more clients this year than ever.

I have you to thank for helping instill a passion for the art and teaching me the foundations of studio & action photography. Hopefully, you are enjoying retirement in health and happiness.”

Photography Story: Part Two

Thankfully, this heartwarming photography story doesn’t end here. After a little time passed, the photographer received a response. Here’s what his teacher wrote:

“What a pleasure it was to receive your card. When I saw your name on the envelope, I knew immediately who you were. Teachers always remember their best students. It’s nice to know that you are still into your photography and I hope it’s going well for you. Thank you for the photographs and your business card. I will check out your web site.

I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year.”

The Reddit user wrote how the exchange made his week, month, and his whole year. It goes to show how making a little effort and taking a little risk can give you big rewards.

Importance of Being Grateful

Photographers can be guilty of having a god complex. They’re geniuses, special, and larger than life, or so they sometimes think. But no photographer got to a good place in their journey without help. No matter how successful you become, it’s important to remain grateful for those who helped you find your path. Whether it’s a parent, a teacher, or a friend, make sure those who supported you know you appreciate them. It will no doubt make them feel good. Thanks for reading.

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