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The best US Cellular phone and data plans for you

US Cellular is the fifth-largest network operator in the United States and stands for the idea “locals for locals”. The carrier offers unlimited contract plans, prepaid options and also 5G home internet access in selected markets. Here you will find a comparative list of the best US Cellular plans available in your area.

First, according to the carrier homepage, all 5G plans provide a spectrum of outdoor and indoor services, and within the data plan portfolio we can find also LTE contracts. Recently, the company announced that it’s using gear from Ericsson and Nokia to build out its C-band and 3.45 GHz spectrum in the country.

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Smartphone deals when signing up for a US Cellular Unlimited plan

US Cellular works with a credit system to offer phones like the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus at a zero cost for new consumers. By signing up to an Unlimited contract, you can get a credit in the retail value of the phone. If you are approved for credit, the monthly installments will be automatically paid based on the credit offered by the carrier in the number of installments previously defined at the time of purchase.

US Cellular calls this offer “$0 on us.” Here are some of these deals bundled with the carrier:

The best US Cellular Unlimited phone plans

  Basic Everyday Elite Plan
Price without taxes


$44/mo $49/mo
5G Access Yes
  • Unlimited data, talk & text
  • Unlimited data, talk & text
  • Unlimited Mexico & Canada LTE Data
  • 15 GB Hotspot Data
  • 25 GB Priority Data
  • Unlimited data, talk & text
  • Unlimited Mexico & Canada LTE Data
  • 30 GB Hotspot Data
  • 50 GB Priority Data
Other Benefits
  • HD Streaming
  • Premium Robocall Solution
  • Full HD Streaming
  • Premium Robocall Solution
Check the offer* Sign up Sign up Sign up

For consumer phone contracts, all current US Cellular plans offer unlimited data, talk, and text using the 4G and 5G networks. As you can see in the chart above, the difference between cheaper and more expensive plans is the inclusion of extra hotspot data, roaming in Mexico and Canada among other benefits such as better streaming quality and robocalls. The Basic option aside, all plans also include Redbox Movie Night(s) as an entertainment option. 

It is worth noting that each line added to the plan will be charged individually. You can add a maximum of four lines to the same contract. Besides that, it is also possible to drop the monthly prices by enrolling in Autopay and Paperless Billing to receive a $5 discount per month, per line.

Bear in mind that data on the Unlimited Basic plan may be temporarily slowed in times of congestion and data may be slower than other traffic. The same goes for the Unlimited Everyday plans.

Cheap US Cellular prepaid talk, text, and data phone plans

  Pay as you go data 15 GB Unlimited Unlimited Plus
Price per line without taxes
5G Access No, 4G-only
  • 15 GB data
  • Unlimited data**
Other Benefits
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Video Streaming SD (480p)
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Video Streaming SD (480p)
  • 15 GB hotspot access
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Video Streaming SD (480p)
  • 20 GB hotspot access
  • Unlimited dialing to Mexico and Canada
  • Priority data to 25 GB
  • Enhanced Redbox Movie Night 1 rental/mo
Check the offers* Sign up Sign up Sign up Sign up
  **Limited time only. On January 1, 2023, the $40 Prepaid Unlimited plan will transition to the $40 15 GB plan.

Prepaid contracts help to save money every month – if you know how much data you use on the phone. All plans also include unlimited voice calls and text messages, and the prepaid options offered by US Cellular start at $30/month, with a data cost of $0.03/MB.

The $40 Prepaid Unlimited plan has a limited-time offer that includes unlimited data until January 1, 2023. After this date, the plan will transition to the $40 15 GB plan. Additionally, the Unlimited Plus prepaid plans also offer 20 GB hotspot access and cover unlimited dialing to Mexico and Canada.

As well as Unlimited contracts, the data of the prepaid plans may be also temporarily slowed in times of congestion, and data may be slower than other traffic. Before signing, it is worth checking the coverage map of US Cellular to make sure you will get the best from your data plan. 

And that’s it for our quick guide on the best US Cellular plans for consumers. Leave a comment below if you want NextPit to cover different carriers.

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