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Rotate your Samsung phone screen: It’s that easy!

How do you set your Samsung smartphone to automatically rotate the screen, or are annoyed by the auto-rotation that you want to disable it?NextPit explains how you can do so in this short tutorial.

Do you have time for a coffee break? Then let’s find out together how easy it is to enable or disable the “Auto Rotate” feature on Samsung smartphones. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the “rotate screen” feature ensures that the display rotates when you use it in portrait or landscape mode.

Rotate screen on your Samsung smartphone

When you set up a Samsung smartphone, automatic screen rotation is already enabled. If this is not the case (anymore), you can easily find the function in the quick settings.

Normally, you will find screen rotation already enabled in the quick settings. / © NextPit
  1. Swipe down on the screen with two fingers to bring up the quick settings bar.
  2. Tap the Portrait icon so that Auto rotate screen appears.
  3. Conversely, you just need to tap Auto rotate to prevent it from switching to landscape mode when you rotate the smartphone.
  4. That’s it!

Two bonus tips

Since this was really a very easy and quick tutorial, I would like to give you another tip for users of Samsung smartphones. Maybe you don’t know this little trick yet: It’s about the fact that you generally benefit from rotating the screen (for example, when watching YouTube and Netflix), but sometimes want to do without it.

In this case, it is annoying to have to use the quick settings every time. Fortunately, Samsung offers a way to avoid this step. Just tap on the screen and hold your finger down before rotating the screen – this will prevent the screen from rotating!

A second thing we can give you as a hat tip: Install a third-party app like Rotation Control from the Google Play Store. Unlike the on-board tools, you can use such a tool to separately determine whether each app should always be displayed in portrait or landscape mode.

That’s all for today. Hopefully, we were able to help the Samsung user base with our tip. By the way, please write us in the comments if you use a third-party application for screen rotation and which one!

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