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Fujitsu High Power Power Battery 1.5 Volts (AAA Battery Pack of 4)

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Fujitsu FDK Batteries are engineered in Japan. The world’s largest manufacturer of Ni-MH Batteries, FDK is the only Japanese manufacturer that both designs and operates fully automated production lines for batteries at the highest standards and quality. From Rechargeables to Alkaline and General Purpose batteries, Fujitsu Batteries continues to deliver the best battery performance compared to any other battery in its category. * Pre Charged Ni-MH Rechargeables – The comfortable ready to use rechargeable for up to 2100 rechargings. * High Capacity Ni-MH Rechargeables – The eco friendly Powerpacks. * Alkaline Universal Power – The Power for Everyday Life * Alkaline High Power – Great for High Drain Devices. * Alkaline Premium Power – Best Performance for All Devices. * General Purpose Power – The economic Battery for Standard Applications. Cutting-Edge Technology ensures Fujitsu Batteries DO NOT LEAK and engineered with up to 10 Years Storage Capacity Guarantees.

Quality Engineered in Japan at the highest standards of Battery Manufacturing
One Packs of AAA4 Batteries, 1.5 Volts, Premium Performance, Best for all Devices
10-Year Anti-Leak Storage. Cutting-Edge Technology Ensures Fujitsu Batteries DO NOT LEAK nor Discharge
Best for all Devices including High Drain Appliances – Digital Still Cameras, Microphones, Toys, Electric Razors, LED Lanterns & Flashlights, Gaming Devices, Portable Chargers, Wireless Computer Mice, Electric Toothbrushes, IC Recorders, Electronic Dictionaries, Clocks, etc
10-year Corrosion Resistance Guarantee. Up to 20% cont. high rate mode.

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Fujitsu High Power Power Battery 1.5 Volts (AAA Battery Pack of 4)
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