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Positive Effects Camomile Tea Can Have on Your Body

Just like other herbal teas, camomile tea is a soothing tea. It’s beneficial to the human body and it’s healthy. It comes from the camomile flower and dried to make the tea. The flowers come in two varieties, the German Camomile flower and the Roman chamomile flower. Drinking it has almost no side effects because it does not possess any caffeine that is common to hot drinks. Camomile is popular all over the world and is used for a number of reasons ranging from health benefits to skin care. Nowadays many cosmetic lines incorporate it chamomile into their product because it is a natural and organic skin care agent by itself and with other products mixed in.

History of Camomile

The word “chamomile or Camomile” is derived from the Greek which means “ground apple”. The Roman camomile is popularly grown because of the apple-like scent it brings to your home garden.

During the Ancient Egyptian times, people believed that camomile represented the presence of Ra, the God of sun and therefore all rituals and practices had to be done with its presence.

Early Greeks used the flower to treat both digestive and nervous disorders. The pretty flowers were used as air fresheners for the people who were almost like royals.

During earlier times, Romans used the flower to treat skin conditions as well as digestive problems. The flowers were used as fragrances at festivals and were burned to create the environment for sacrifices.

Now that we have become familiar with the history of the flower, we will look at the benefit it possesses to the human wellbeing.

Benefits of Camomile Tea

It improves sleep

Camomile tea contains a property known as apigenin which is an antioxidant. The property is known for attaching itself on the brain. When blended, the antioxidant released gives a feeling of relaxation which makes a person feel sleepy hence improving your sleep making it more relaxed and peaceful. The drink has also solved conditions like insomnia. Research has shown that people who drink camomile tea before bed are promised to have a more peaceful sleep than a person who has not consumed it. The antioxidants increase the level of sleepiness. The camomile drink has shown to end people waking up at night or sweating at night giving you a comfortable night sleep.

It promotes digestive health

Ancient Romans and the Greek used to use camomile to treat digestive disorders. The anti-inflammatory property of camomile has been linked to offer relief to diarrhoea. It also helps to cure some gastrointestinal problems. Research has shown that having a cup of camomile to treat some of the milder gastrointestinal disorders. The drink has also been seen to treat aching stomachs. Apart from that, chamomile drink has been linked to solving some gastrointestinal problems like vomiting and nausea.


Traditionally, the flowers were used as skincare. Today people apply cold camomile drink on their skin. It has proven to get rid of blemishes on the skin especially the face. Research has proven that the ointment can help remove blackheads and pimples. People have revealed that the camomile solution can help relieve skin conditions like eczema and severe acne. It serves as a cheaper alternative to modern skincare products. The fact that it is all-natural means that you are not bound to have breakouts. The anti-inflammatory property and the anti-oxidant nature cool the skin. Both these properties help the inside and the external part of the human body.

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It helps to relieve discomfort

Discomfort like menstrual cramps and bloating can be relieved by the drink. The anti-inflammatory properties of the drink offer soothing to any part of the body in pain. The property fights any sign of pain or discomfort hence the name “anti-inflammatory”. When taken during menstrual cramps, the drink increases the abundance of a property called glycine. This property is linked to the relaxation of muscles hence it can reduce the amount of cramping that comes with menstruation. Other than the relaxation of the muscles, the drink also offers relaxation to the mind and consequentially, the whole body. Research has shown that drinking the camomile drink right before the onset of menstruation gives more time for the glycine to take action.

It improves the immune system

Consumption of camomile drink has been linked to the increase of Hippurate. Hippurate is a chemical that has shown to boost the immunity system. It does this by fighting off bacteria. The increased immunity has helped to fight off illnesses like the common cold. The stronger immunity gives you more vigour meaning that you will no longer get ill quickly. It will make you fall ill less and if you do, the strong immunity will help you get better sooner than somebody with a weak immunity system. It can be administered to children to increase their growing immunity. It is safe for use in children because it is only a mild sedative.

It calms anxiety

The properties that make the drink improve a person’s sleep also give the same person a sense of relaxation meaning that it calms anxiety and relieves stress. All you need to do is take your camomile drink as prescribed by your therapist and it will calm any anxiety disorder. People who suffer from depression or high levels of stress are advised to take camomile to help them calm down and relax. It prevents overthinking and other hyperactive mind activities.

It helps weight loss

Research has determined that a cup of camomile tea has 2 calories and about of 0.5g of carbohydrates and a lot of other nutrients giving you a balanced diet. Of course, someone will have to work out but a cup of camomile drink will give you a full dietary specifics to help you lose weight the right way.

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