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New wallpapers seen in Samsung Galaxy S22 leak

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 will be released in just a few months’ time! However, there is already a new leak about the new flagship from the South Korean consumer electronics giant. This leak is said to feature four wallpapers that will be part of the new handset, so you might as well feast on these wallpaper designs while waiting for the launch to happen.


  • Android Police showed the new wallpapers from an unknown source.
  • They are supposed to feature in the new Galaxy S22 smartphones.
  • Wallpapers are already available for download.

In a few months, the new Galaxy S22 from Samsung is supposed to hit the market! Based on what we’ve seen in the past, the frequency of leaks that will reach the public will also increase the closer it gets to a major product’s official release date – much to the chagrin of Samsung in this case, I am sure. AndroidPolice recently stumbled upon discovered a quartet of wallpapers that are supposed to hail from the new Galaxy S22 devices.

The images strongly resemble the wallpapers used by the Galaxy S21 series and its predecessors. A total of four images have been released ahead of time. The elegant, dark background strongly reminds me of a rising water vortex. Then there are also the yellow, red, and green wallpapers that deliver a feeling of sand being thrown upwards. It is highly likely that these wallpapers match the style that Samsung uses for its wallpapers.

Galaxy S22 will be Samsung’s next flagship device

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be released as the latest model in the Galaxy series next year. According to the available information so far, it will be launched as early as February next year and will replace the popular Galaxy S21 series devices.

The new smartphone is also expected to launch in three different models. A new leak finally indicated that even the base model will have a telephoto lens. This will rely on a 10MP camera with a 3x zoom telephoto camera. You can read about the exact specifications that we know so far in the linked article.

According to another leak, this is what the back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will look like! / © Front Page Tech

The entry price of the last model was $799, but with Google delivering a capable competitor in this highly competitive market with the Pixel 6 carries a more favorable price point of $599. Whether the price of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will eventually be lower compared to last year’s edition, or whether there are changes to the camera and the chip shortage will affect the price, will probably only be revealed in the new year.

What do you think about the leak? Will you be using the pre-loaded wallpapers or do you prefer to use your own images instead?

This article was written by Dustin Porth as part of a trial. Since Dustin doesn’t have his own editor account yet, the article was published under Ben’s name.

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