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My best Christmas present was the Razer Raptor gaming monitor

OPINION: A good gaming monitor can make any game better, and the Raptor Razer has made all my gaming experiences out of this world.

Christmas is a time that brings people together. One of the best parts of Christmas morning is seeing the faces of your loved ones when they finally get to open up that gift that you’ve been sitting on for weeks. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy, and since we’ll be having another Covid safe holiday, you might even struggle going into shops to find inspiration.

That’s why we’re here to tell you what our favourite Christmas presents were this year, and for me, it was definitely the Razer Raptor gaming monitor.

While many may think a gaming monitor is only necessary for PC, every gamer should have a great monitor up their sleeve. The Raptor Razer can be hooked up to pretty much anything, including PlayStation, Xbox, the Nintendo Switch and, of course, a PC, so you can bring any game on any platform to life.

Looking at some of the tech specs, you’re getting a 144Hz refresh rate, which will ensure fast-paced motion and keep games looking super-smooth, and is especially good for competitive gamers. Plus, it has support for both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, which helps eradicate screen tearing and keep up the fluid refresh rate, which makes for an overall better experience when you game.

The monitor itself is 27-inches, which is plenty big enough, especially if you’ve been using a dinky monitor before this upgrade. The Raptor is also just objectively gorgeous; coming in jet black this is a stylish but minimal design, with a fabric clad rear that helps it stand out. The RBG light strip at the bottom of the stand gives this monitor so much personality, and if you download Razer Synapse you can change the colours and effects for a more personalised experience.

Since I’ve been using the Raptor monitor, I’ve been noticing small details in games that I’ve never picked up on before, like how the water ripples in God of War, or how light bounces off my weapons in Deathloop. It just brings games to life, with a crisp picture and vibrant colours, this is definitely a gift to consider if you’ve felt your favourite games have been visually lacking recently, or you know any gamers that could do with a fresh rig.

And you can obviously use this monitor for other things. Personally, I’ve been watching the first season of Hawkeye using my Raptor, and it brings out so much more detail in every shot than with almost every gaming monitor I’ve used in the past.

I’ve spent a fair few hours using the Razer Raptor gaming monitor and it is definitely my favourite Christmas present this year, and I’m sure that anyone who’s been hankering for a more fluid, more attractive experience when they game will be thrilled if they find this under the tree on the 25th of December.

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