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Loewe’s first affordable Bluetooth speakers are here to be seen and heard

From the Bild 1 to the Klang 9, Loewe’s luxe AV kit has long been the stuff of lust lists. Not content with topping the shopping carts of the well-heeled, the German maker has now decided to enter a new realm of audio gear: affordable Bluetooth speakers.

Reckon that’s a come-down for such a big name in big-money living room equipment? While the We.Hear speakers won’t break the bank, they don’t cut corners when it comes to sonic oomph: the smaller We.Hear 1 pumps out 40W audio for up to 14 hours, while the beefier We.Hear 2 goes bigger with 60W and 17 hours of listening time.

And though they’re not the range-topping head-turners we’ve come to expect from Loewe, the Bluetooth pair certainly know how to make an entrance. Available in four shades – coral red, aqua blue, storm grey and cool grey – the understated cylinders come wrapped in fabric and equipped with a swivelling control cover which neatly sheaths the buttons.

Where most hi-fi separates would meet their end when doused with water, both We.Hear speakers are IPX6 rated, so they can survive a splashing at your next summer bash. Integrated loops also mean it’s easy to attach the bundled cotton carry straps – ideal for pleasing fellow park-goers with your portable playlists.

What’s the damage for these handy packages? Brace yourself: the We.Hear 1 is a borderline bargain at just £99, while the punchier We.Hear 2 weighs in at a pound shy of £169. That’s the same price as Loewe’s Klang M1 – a stainless steel speaker which launched in 2017 with a slicker shell but a fraction of the power. We.Hear what you’re doing, Loewe, and we Loewe it.

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