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LG UltraGear 32GP850-B Gaming Monitor Review 2021

Great colors and excellent picture quality are two of the main factors that help create immersion while you’re gaming. Despite the importance of good color, monitor manufacturers don’t always calibrate the color of their panels to what is deemed accurate within specific color spectrums – sRGB/Rec.709 etc.

We like to test each monitor for color reproduction to see how they would perform in color-accurate scenarios.

Here are the results for the LG UltraGear 32GP850-B.

NOTE: The 32GP850-B does come with a ‘Display Quality Assurance Report’ which suggests some form of calibration has occurred in factory.

Like always, we started off the color accuracy testing portion of this review by loading up our colorimeter and running a test right out of the box. Below are the results:

Out of the box, I thought the LG performed to a fairly decent standard, offering up a 6188K white point, low 0.14 black depth, and acceptable 856:1 contrast ratio. The average deltaE for the monitor using the sRGB space was 2.6 which, when compared to other monitors, isn’t actually that bad at all. Brightness was set to 254 candelas (more than the recommended for daily usage) and gamma was perfect at 2.2.

I quickly moved on and tested the sRGB emulation mode expecting much better results. White point was increased to 6780K and black depth saw a slight rise up to 0.15 cd/m2. Contrast ratio rose slightly and gamma now measured 2.29. Like most monitors that offer an sRGB emulation mode, the LG 32GP850-B did see a large uplift in color accuracy when switching profiles. The monitor now showcased a 0.91 average deltaE which borders on the acceptable for color-accurate work.

I tested the HDR Effect color preset out of curiosity and overall accuracy was not great. It was easily the worst out of the presets tested, returning a 5.95 deltaE on average when using the sRGB space. Gamma read 2.19 while contrast ratio measured in at 845:1.

Like always, I wasted no time and decided to calibrate the monitor to see how accurate we could make it. I utilized the

It’s worth mentioning at this point that only a few of the ‘Game Mode’ presets allowed for custom RGB values (a requirement to calibrate your panel). Modes such as RTS, HDR, sRGB and so on all blocked altering the RGB settings – with some locking brightness too. 

Regardless, we used the “gamer 1” preset and set the Color Temp to ‘Custom’, using the following RGB figures 49/50/48

Here are the results:

As you can see, the results after calibration were greatly improved. White balance was now read 6427K while black depth reached a low of 0.13 cd/m2. Contrast ratio stayed around the 870:1 mark and gamma read a perfect 2.2. Best of all, the average deltaE score now read 0.22 (with a maximum deltaE of 1.8). While this isn’t the best we’ve recorded, it is certainly accurate enough to deliver good color reproduction for editing.

Panel Uniformity

Panel uniformity is a test we run to check how uniform the luminance and colors are across the entirety of the screen. During this test, the center square is used as the reference space. Every other square is then tested to see how far it differentiates from the reference.

In an ideal world, we want every square to be green, meaning it hasn’t broken the differential threshold – something we can set at the start of the test.

Note: results will differ from panel to panel.

LG Ultragear Panel uniformity graph

Looking at the panel uniformity results for the 32GP850-B, you can clearly see that large portions of the panel are far from uniform. Large portions of the right-hand side of this monitor resulted in an amber score – only just passing the nominal tolerance. Despite this looking quite poor on the surface, actually picking up on this when viewing everyday content is quite rare.

Viewing Angles

Like most IPS panels, the LG 32GP850-B offered up excellent viewing angles that are on par with the 178/178 degree marketed specificaitons. This makes the LG monitor a great choice for individuals that like to play co-op games or showcase data to a larger group of individuals.

Color Gamut

As part of the calibration process, the DisplayCal will give an accurate measurement of the color gamut the monitor can provide. Below are the results of the color gamut test:

LG Ultragear Color gamut measurements

Taking a look at the gamut coverage and volume of the LG 32GP850-B does reveal some disappointing figures. Despite the monitor’s website stating that the panel could reach 98% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the panel we received. That being said, the 32GP850-B product page does suggest the following – “*DCI-P3 : Typical 98%, Minimum 90%

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