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Intel 12th gen KS series announced alongside mobile H-series processors & more

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At CES, Intel announced that they have announced several brand-new processors, including a new flagship line of ‘KS’ CPus coming later this year in addition to a huge range of laptop CPUs that are slated to launch in Q1 2022. This is nothing unusual, as we’re pretty used to the yearly update cycle, but what’s new with this year are the incredible clockspeeds that these chips are able to achieve, which is above and beyond what many others could achieve.

Intel 12th gen H-series processor list

  • Core i9-12900HK: 14 cores (6P:8E), 20 threads, 24MB L3 Cache, 5.0Ghz Max Turbo
  • Core i9-12900H: 14 cores (6P:8E), 20 threads, 24MB L3 Cache, 5.0 GHz Max Turbo
  • Core i7-12800H: 14 cores (6P:8E), 20 threads, 24MB L3 Cache, 4.8Ghz Max Turbo
  • Core i7-12700H: 14 cores (6P:8E), 20 threads, 24MB L3 Cache, 4.7Ghz Max Turbo
  • Core i7-12650H: 10 cores (6P:4E), 16 threads, 24MB L3 Cache, 4.7Ghz Max Turbo
  • Core i5-12600H: 12 cores (4P:8E), 16 threads, 18MB L3 Cache, 4.5Ghz Max Turbo
  • Core i5-12500H: 12 cores (4P:8E), 16 threads, 18MB L3 Cache, 4.5Ghz Max Turbo
  • Core i5-12450H: 8 cores (4P:4E), 12 threads, 12MB L3 Cache, 4.4Ghz Max Turbo

This is a great slew of new processors, but it remains to be seen if it can stand up to AMD’s new Ryzen 6000-series mobile APUs which are equipped with RDNA2 graphics.

Intel 12th-gen H-series vs Ryzen vs M1

intel h series

According to Intel’s slides, we can see that the i9-12900HK looks to be one of the most performant mobile CPUs that we’ve ever seen, the brand new Ryzen 6000 series notwithstanding, of course. However, these slides shouls always be taken with a pinch of salt since looks can be decieving when it comes to how companies choose to show off their brand-new chips.

Intel 12th gen i9-12900KS release date

The release date for the i9-129000KS is Q1 2022, according to Intel’s CES 2022 presentation. In addition to their mobile offering, Intel also showed off their brand-new Intel 12th gen i9-12900KS chip desktop processor, which looks to be one of the most powerful consumer CPUs ever released. With up to 5.5Ghz max turbo frequency out of the box, the KS series is essentially a modern version of the ‘golden sample’ – a chip that’s so highly binned, it can be sold seperately to OEM customers. We can’t wait to see how far overclockers are able to push this chip all the way to its maximum.

A no-show for Arc Alchemist dedicated GPUs

Leading up to CES 2022, we’ve been hearing loads about Intel’s GPU offering through various leaks and rumors. Well, they mentioned Arc Alchemist dedicated GPUs but they have not actually announced them formally. This is a pretty big deal, as a brand-new competitor means that Nvidia and AMD will now both have to keep their eyes on the blue team, who have now started to tease out their entry into ring in earnest, these Arc Alchemist graphics cards are going to heat up the market, in a big way, if the leaks are true, as they would be competing against the likes of the 3060 and 3070 respectively.

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