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I Just Copied Megan Fox's Hair Color—Here's My New Routine

I’m a natural brunette, but when it comes to changing my hair color, I’ve always opted to go lighter. For years, I’ve changed my hair with highlights, balayage, and even ombré, when that was a thing. Just this past August, I got a new round of highlights and opted to go for a shade of sandy blonde.

Recently, I’ve been itching to make a major change. Megan Fox provides beauty inspiration in many aspects, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her hair color. It’s the perfect dark, chocolaty, almost-black brown, with so much shine it might as well be reflective.

After asking pretty much everyone I know if they thought I could pull off Megan Fox’s hair color (most people said yes but made sure I knew it wouldn’t make me look like Megan Fox), I finally decided to take the plunge and try the color for myself.

I went to Nikki Lee, Garnier consulting celebrity colorist, who gave me the dark hair of my dreams. To help you achieve the dark hair you’ve been dreaming of, I spoke with Lee and Andrew Fitzsimons, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Megan Fox herself, to get the lowdown on going dark, maintaining your new color, and the products you absolutely need.

Commit to the color. Keep in mind that you’ll be coloring your hair all over, so you should plan to commit to darker hair for a while, according to Lee. “You don’t want to flip-flop back and forth from light to dark and vice versa, as this can cause damage to your hair.”

Consult a stylist. “It may seem easy to grab a box dye from the beauty aisle in a drugstore. However, you’re probably not going to achieve the exact color you are going for,” says Fitzsimons. “Always consult with your stylist or colorist about your desired color so they can customize the right products for your hair type.”

Patch-test the hair dye. Fitzsimons warns that dyes can be harsh on skin, so you should do a small patch test to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction before covering your head in dye. 

“If you have a lighter color to begin with, it might take a few times for the dark color to take, so fading might occur, which is totally normal,” says Lee. If your hair is dark to begin with, going darker should be fairly easy for you. 

When it comes to your hair texture, always make sure you’re going to a stylist who’s familiar with your hair type. Lee emphasizes that fine hair might grab color more quickly than thicker hair, which may require an extra layer of color.

“Simple tips to help preserve and maintain colored hair include not over-washing, using sulfate-free and color-safe products, deep-conditioning often, and refreshing your shade in between applications with a color enhancer to add temporary pigment between washes and restore vibrancy,” says Fitzsimons. He recommends only washing hair once or twice a week to avoid stripping hair of its natural oils, which can cause damaged follicles. 

“A good option is NatureLab’s Repair Shampoo, which is infused with argan and prickly pear oils to protect your hair from environmental damage and restore a healthy look and feel. This product is free of harmful ingredients that can potentially strip your color and hair strands.” — Fitzsimons

“NatureLab Repair Conditioner is an antioxidant-rich plant-based conditioning treatment that protects your hair from further damage, helps with color longevity, and keeps hair shiny and healthy.” — Fitzsimons

“Tigi Copyright Custom Care Treatment Base is infused with keratin, shea butter, and a vitamin complex, which seals moisture and acts as a natural conditioner, preventing dryness, and improves manageability.” — Fitzsimons

“Daily Dose locks in moisture eliminates frizz, strengthens, and prevents breakage. Leave-in conditioners are meant to protect your hair and leave hair soft and luminous.” — Fitzsimons

“Since Megan has naturally dark hair, my focus is to keep the integrity of her hair in great shape (especially when I’m using heat-styling tools on her). One of my go-to products is the NatureLab Smooth Hair Oil, which is a heat protectant that helps to prevent heat damage while keeping her hair moisturized, shiny, and healthy. A good hair oil is one of the keys to maintaining her gorgeous locks.” — Fitzsimons

“I suggest getting ahold of the Garnier Nutrisse Color Revivers to give your color the boost it needs in between sessions.” — Lee

“Bed Head by Tigi Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo leaves hair feeling refreshed and saves hair from heat damage and colour loss. It is a great alternative for in between washes or if hair becomes oily.” — Fitzsimons

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