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Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering collectibles: Here’s what you need to know

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If you’re not playing Halo: Infinite right now, you’re still a beautiful person, but maybe you need to re-prioritize your life just a tad? Joking aside, it’s a solid experience that has silenced most, if not all, Master Chief haters for the most part. We’ve got the classic ambience and feeling of exploration that helped Halo: CE earns a place in the nostalgia section of gamers’ hearts worldwide, which isn’t easy to pull off.

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This wasn’t the mission, but the rescued soldiers from this mission helped write this guide!

So, you’re a few hours in and the idea of collecting every single audio log and more is really getting that Spartan blood pumping? Great, UNSC WePC has you covered, Chief! More specifically, we’ve only gone and done a little recon work for you and found the Halo Infinite Rebout of Sundering collectibles for you. You’ll have to go get them yourself, but we’ve made it a lot easier for you.

Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering collectibles

Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering collectibles
Head north-east, and climb inside the cliff’s cave. Located slightly above the Sartan Core. You should see that on your minimap if you claim the FOB Echo station 300m away to the west. Two birds, one stone.

Halo: Infinite Redoubt of Sundering old five collectibles all told:

  • Spartan Core x 1
  • UNSC Audio Logs x 2
  • Banished Audio Logs x 2

Located on the western side of Zeta Halo, Redoubt of Sundering needs a good old Spartan-bashing to clear the area before picking those sweet collectibles. It’s nothing out of the ordinary in all honesty, just throw energy cells and pop as many headshots during your spray of bullets as possible. If you’re Southeast of ‘FOB Echo’ and Northeast of ‘The Tower’, the Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering should be within sight.

Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering UNSC Audio Logs

On the Nothern edge of Redoubt of Sundering, there should be a cliff insight that matches the height of the compound outer wall. Grapple up to the cliff edge to find your first UNSC Audio Log. The second Audio Log is inside a cave, which can be a little tricky to find if your eyes aren’t on the griffball. Go to the building where you rescued a Squad Leader and get onto the compound wall next to the building entrance. The nearby cliff should have a cave entrance nearby as you walk along the wall, hop inside for your second UNSC Audio Log.

Halo Infinite 8
“Does Zeta Halo ‘Ring’ any bells Chief?” Credit: 343I

Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering Banished Audio Logs

For the first Banished Audio Log, hop back down past the squad leader rescue building and towards the drop container at the bottom of the hill. Not only will you find your third audio log, but some ammo too. You’re welcome. You may have already picked the second one up, as this is in the squad leader rescue building itself. Find it leaning against come containers without a care in the world.

Halo Infinite Redoubt of Sundering Spartan Core

Exit the squad leader rescue building and jump down the cliff (near where you jumped onto the compound wall for the Cave UNSC Audio Log). Look out for some crates and ammo, the Spartan Core is tucked away behind some.

Thanks for choosing WePC to help you with Halo: Infinite Redoubt of Sundering collectibles. We’ve got an overflowing font of Halo: Infinite guides and lore material right here for you to check out and bookmark.

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