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Halo Infinite achievements not unlocking – Everything we know

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The Halo Infinite campaign is finally here and fans have been loving every second of it. The open-world, the grappling hook, and the fantastic one-liners from the beloved Spartan 117 are what franchise admirers have been waiting years for.

While the game had longer in the oven to cook that bit more, there are still a few bugs and issues that players are experiencing. One specific bug that is yet to be squashed is actually related to the Halo Infinite achievements rather than an in-game activity and for those wanting to show off that all-important gamerscore, they’re getting a little flustered.

The main problem with Halo Infinite achievements is that they’re not unlocking for some or are being delayed for others. Below, we’ll be discussing this subject and any potential fixes we have for the Halo achievements not working problem.

Halo Infinite achievements not unlocking – How to fix

So, if you’re one of those that are experiencing Halo Infinite achievement issues, whether that’s delayed achievement notifications or them simply not appearing at all, we’re sorry to say that there is no actual concrete fix.

What we advise is that you just wait. If you do unlock an achievement successfully, it will appear at some point, we just don’t exactly know when. Could be 30 seconds, could be 30 minutes, but it will unlock.

This problem is troubling more Xbox owners than PC users and from our own personal experience in the WePC office, if you have the Xbox Game Bar enabled, these achievements have been popping instantly.

However, with all the above being said, 343 is fully aware of the problem many of you out there are facing and is currently working on a fix so you can receive those satisfying achievement popping sounds that we all know and love. Below is the official communication from the developers themselves.

All that we can hope is that this Halo Infinite achievements not working problem gets fixed sooner rather than later so you know whether you need to pick up that skull once more or whether you completed the task the first time around.

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