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Google Wallet returns as a dedicated digital wallet for Android


  • Google has announced a dedicated digital Wallet app.
  • Google Wallet can store debit and credit cards as well as tickets, virtual keys, passes, and more.
  • The Wallet app will replace Google Pay in most countries.

Previously, Google Pay served both as a mobile wallet and online payment system. Now, Google announces the dedicated Wallet app that can replace your physical purse with digital. It can then store not only bank cards but also tickets, virtual car keys, vaccine cards, loyalty and gift cards, and boarding passes.

Developers will now have access to Google Wallet, thus providing the opportunity for companies to add their custom cards and passes such as hotel room keys without an added cost. Additionally, Google is also working with the authorities in the US in order to also save IDs in the app in the future.

As for the matter of security, Google says that your IDs will be stored securely in your device only. The company will not even have access to this sensitive information. This is a familiar affair when Apple launched the same feature on iOS. It is safe to say that Google will also implement strict security measures in regards to storing personal IDs like what Apple have done.

Google Wallet will replace the Google Pay app in most countries. / © Google

Is Google Wallet app coming to your country?

Google Wallet will be a separate app and will replace Google Pay in more than 40 countries where the service is available. The latter will be integrated with the wallet app and will remain the online payment system when transacting, a similar method to Apple’s Wallet app and Apple Pay service.

Some things will remain confusing though: Specifically, the USA and Singapore for example will have both Wallet and Pay apps while India will only have GPay. Google is working to release the Wallet app to more countries. The rollout will begin in the coming weeks and you will need to update the app through the Google Play Store.

Are you willing to store your IDs into these mobile wallet apps? Let us know.

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