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Google TV app is arriving in more countries, iOS version now available

After revamping the user interface last month, Google is finally launching its Google TV app for Android and iOS to more than 100 countries. Google TV app finally replaces the Play Movies and TV app found on both ecosystems. And with this update, Google could retire the Play Movies and TV app anytime soon.


  • Google rolls out Google TV app to more countries.
  • The app supports both Android and iOS.
  • iOS version of Google TV app comes with remote control feature.

Along with the release of the app to more countries, new features have been added, too. Specifically, the Android version of Google TV gets news feeds for highlights and recommendations based on your watchlist and viewing history on top of voice commands compatibility. However, Google says that some regions will not get the same TV series and movie titles offering as it will still depend on several restrictions.

Google TV with remote control function comes to iPhone and iPad

The company is also rolling out the Google TV app to iOS via the App Store starting today. Like the Android version, the new app replaces the old Play entertainment app. In addition, the iOS version of the Google TV app now supports remote control for all Android TV OS devices such as smart televisions or pluggable Chromecast with Android 8.0 OS or higher.

Perhaps the only caveat with the iOS app is that purchasing a TV show or movie will require the user to navigate from the web or through an Android device. Unsurprisingly, this is true with all digital content provider apps on iOS as the Cupertino company does not allow third-party payment access on its platform. But that might change soon starting in the EU with the upcoming resolution.

Despite that, users can transfer their purchased shows and movies from other apps through Movies Anywhere assistance that supports major digital content providers such as Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube, Apple TV, DirectTV, Microsoft Movies and TV and more.

How to check if Google TV app is available in your country

The app is available in most countries where Play Movies and TV app was available. You just need to update or install the Google TV app right from the Play Store for Android devices or via the App store for iPhones and iPads.

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