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Get 50% off the Vodafone Curve and never lose track of your most precious items again

Imagine a world where you never misplace your valuables again. A world where you can always know the precise location of your camera, your backpack, your car, your house keys – even your cat.

We’re here to tell you that that world already exists thanks to the Vodafone Curve smart GPS tracker – and that this Black Friday you can get your hands on one for a huge 50% discount.

Vodafone’s Black Friday deal gives you 50% off both the upfront RRP of a Curve (£15 down from £30) and 50% off a 24-month subscription (£1.50 per month rather than £3 per month – or £6 per month with no minimum subscription). That represents a huge £51 total saving on a super-smart little device that’ll keep tabs on your most treasured possessions.

So, what is Curve precisely? It’s a tiny, waterproof circular tab that weighs about the same as a house key, attaches to almost anything and uses four different tracking technologies – GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular – to ensure that you can always find its location using the Vodafone Smart App. When you get close to your lost item, you can use Beep to Find to make the Curve emit an audible alert and become even easier to track down.

Slip it into a handbag or hook it onto Fido’s collar and you’ll be able to see their location, updated at intervals of your choosing (between every two hours and every 3-5 seconds). Curve comes with rugged IP67-rated protection, a long-lasting battery (up to seven days of use, depending on the tracking mode you’re using) and a smart SIM inside that enables it to be used in over 90 countries, so you’ll even be able to track stuff when you travel.

Your Vodafone Smart mobile app can support up to 20 Curve devices at one time and can be used to create Zones: any Curve movement within a Zone won’t result in any action, but as soon as it leaves your designated safe area you’ll be notified: it’s ideal for adventurous pets – or even wandering kids.

The app will also keep you updated on the Curve’s current battery status, and supports Quick Alerts: if someone presses the button on the Curve for three seconds, you’ll receive a notification and location update instantly; so hand a Curve to your loved ones and they’ll always be able to let you know exactly where they are.

Take advantage of this great Black Friday offer to get Vodafone Curve. But don’t delay: the offer won’t be around long.

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