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Far Cry 6 gets new Danny Trejo missions – Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon now available through the FC6 season pass

Last Updated: December 16, 2021

Ubisoft has announced two new Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo missions, which are available for free for all players on PC and consoles. In addition, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon’s classic edition has launched for next-generation consoles. The game is available as a standalone purchase but is included in the Far Cry 6 season pass.

New Far Cry 6 missions

December 16 offers players plenty of new content to get their hands on. Those who own the base game of Far Cry 6 or subscribe to Ubisoft+ can get their hands on the new Far Cry 6 missions. Players will team up with Danny Trejo and play the missions in solo or coop modes. The two new missions are as follows:

  • “Danny & Dani vs Everybody” – Players will need to prevent Antón Castillo’s forces from blowing up Danny Trejo’s plan. It may involve feeding the poor in the form of a taco van. 
  • The sixth and final Special Operation, “Malagua”. When you complete the above mission, you will unlock a follow-up mission. Danny Trejo has a favor to return to Yara and the player, as he offers to help students protesting the Antón’s military, who are protesting chemical weapon use in the city.

Moreso, the new content launches with the Danny Trejo bundle, which gives plates new customisation and gear, including the free roam opportunity of driving the Taco truck.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Classic edition

If you’re more interested in getting your hands on a modern take of Far Cry 3, then you can get Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon on next-gen consoles. The game is a rehash of the popular Far Cry 3 DLC, Blood Dragon, enhanced to modern GPU power on PC and consoles. It is launching as a standalone DLC, but those who own the Far Cry 6 season pass can get their hands on the game as part of the season pass.

For more information, visit the Far Cry 6 website and catch up on the latest Far Cry news through the developers own website.

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