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DZOFILM Vespid Cyber Primes Announced – Lens Data Communication with DJI RS3 PRO

DZOFILM has recently introduced a new family of full-frame cinema primes, the Vespid Cyber Prime series. Available focal lengths currently include a 35, 50, and 75mm T2.1. All lenses feature the new DZOFILM Data Interface technology to transfer focus and iris data to the DJI RS3 PRO and other third-party systems. The DZOFILM Vespid Cyber Primes are now available for pre-order, starting at $2,199.

DZOFILM has been particularly prolific this year. Indeed, the Chinese lens company introduced several new products, with a main focus on their cinema zoom lineups. These include their full-frame Catta Ace zoom lenses as well as the recently-released Super 35 wide-angle zoom, the Pictor 14-30mm T2.8.

Now, the company is back with a new series of cinema glass, the DZOFILM Vespid Cyber Primes. The announcement comes on the same day of the release of the new DJI RS3 PRO and there’s a specific reason for that. Let’s get to it!

Image credit: DZOFILM

DZOFILM Vespid Cyber Primes: overview

Built on the legacy of the original Vespid Primes, the new DZOFILM Vespid Cyber Prime series will initially consist of three focal lengths: 35, 50, and 75mm. However, the company already announced that other lenses will join the family in the future. All members of this trilogy share the same light transmission of T2.1 and come in both PL and EF-mount options. The look of this new series of glass should resemble that of the original Vespid Primes, thus delivering a sharp, organic image with chromatic aberration kept under control.

Image credit: DZOFILM

The design looks almost identical to that of the original lenses. Indeed, the new Vespid Cyber Primes maintain a relatively compact form factor, with the heaviest member weighing 1.15kg. For reference, the bulkiest member of the standard Vespid series is the 25mm T2.1, which weighs 940g. Furthermore, DZOFILM claims these new “Cyber” models can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -25°C up to +70°C.

DZOFILM Data Interface function: autofocus with DJI RS3 PRO

The the most surprising feature of these lenses, and the one that probably earned them the “Cyber” name, is the addition of the new DZOFILM Data Interface function. This technology consists of a 4-pin Lemo connector on each lens’ barrel that allows for real-time communication of iris and focus data to third-party systems.

Image credit: DZOFILM

Connection happens via a Lemo to USB Type-C converting cable that should be splash and dust-proof, being IP50 rated. According to the company, the system should provide pretty accurate data, with an error of 1% when focusing between 1 and 10 meters and 3% when focusing at greater distances.

Image credit: DZOFILM

This new connector opens up the ability to pair the Vespid Cyber Primes with third-party systems to turn each glass into an autofocus lens. Even better, the first product to adopt this fresh standard is DJI’s newly-released RS3 PRO gimbal, whose focus motors can connect directly to the Vespid Cyber Primes without the need for lens calibration. Finally, the company announced that integration with products from other manufacturers is also possible and will implemented in the future.

Image credit: DZOFILM

Price and availability

The official retail price of each DZOFILM Vespid Cyber Prime lens is $2,269, while the whole set (35/50/75mm) will cost $6,599. However, the company is running a pre-order sale with discounted prices. Indeed, if you place an order before July 15th, you will pay $2,199 for a single lens and $6,499 for the whole set. All products should start shipping at the beginning of July.

For more information, visit DZOFILM’s website.

What are your thoughts on the new DZOFILM Vespid Cyber Primes? Are you excited about their “Cyber” features or would you rather stick with the original Vespid Prime lenses? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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