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Do you need PS Plus to play GTA Online?

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It’s the big question on every budding gamer’s lips – do you need PlayStation Plus to play GTA Online? And the answer is a resounding yes.

GTA has been an incredibly popular title since its release way back in 1997. Since then, however, gaming has changed exponentially, with PlayStation now offering a subscription-based platform that allows you to play a tonne of different games without having to purchase new AAA titles every other month.

Sony coined the service PlayStation Plus, allowing gamers to get a taste of titles they wouldn’t usually purchase via the monthly subscriptions. However, as not all gamers want to indulge in a subscription package, many are starting to ask whether or not they need PlayStation Plus to play GTA Online?

In this guide, we’ll be answering the big question surrounding the topic, including ways that you can get the game on the cheap.

Do you need PlayStation Plus to play GTA Online?

In short, yes, you do need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Grand Theft Auto: Online. That being said, PlayStation often runs promotions where users can download classic games for no cost at all – with GTA Online featuring a similar offer that expired on June 14, 2022.

We see Sony throw promotions up like this all the time, however, with the offer recently ending, it’ll likely be some time before we see a similar deal crop up again. Let’s not forget, Sony will want to ensure that it’s PlayStation Plus subscription service is consistent – meaning games like this will always be on the pass.

Better yet, there are often great deals on PlayStation Plus that can run for months on end, meaning you can get the game without having to splash out the full cost of the game’s pass.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get hold of the free offer that ended on June 14th, you sadly have to fork out $19.99 (£17.99). The enhanced GTA Online version and Story Mode bundle will set you back a cool $39.99 – the same price as the latest Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack.

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