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Adorama lists DJI Avata accessories for pre-order before DJI even announces the drone

The DJI Avata has been a hot topic in the drone world since rumours of its existence first started to appear. And once leaks of its design started to appear, things got even more exciting. There’s been no official announcement from DJI about the upcoming cinewhoop style FPV drone yet, and they haven’t even said when we can expect one yet. But that hasn’t stopped one retailer from listing a bunch of the accessories already.

Adorama has listed a number of new accessories for the DJI Avata drone on their website, along with the accompanying new FPV Goggles 2. The individual product pages have already been taken down already but they do still show up in the website search results. Fortunately, DroneDJ managed to get screenshots of the individual listings with some of the details on each, revealing a few things about the drone itself.

The search results say there are 11 products, although only 9 actually appear.

  • DJI Battery Charging Hub for Avata Intelligent Flight Battery – $59
  • DJI Propellers for Avata Drone – $9
  • DJI ND Filters Set with ND8, ND16, ND32 Filter for Avata Drone – $79
  • DJI 2420mAh Intelligent Flight Battery for Avata Drone – $129
  • DJI Fly More Kit w/2x Intelligent Flight Battery & Charging Hub for Avata Drone – $279
  • DJI Headband for Avata Goggles 2 – $19
  • DJI Propeller Guard for Avata Drone – $29
  • DJI Upper Frame for Avata Drone – $19
  • DJI 1800mAh Battery for Avata Goggles 2 – $39

According to DroneDJ, the 2420mAh Intelligent Flight Battery listing reported a total capacity of 35.71Wh and promised up to 18 minutes of flight time on a full charge. The built-in DJI Intelligent Battery Management System provides battery status monitoring and reporting in real-time to let you focus on the flying.

The Fly More kit will cost $279, which includes two of the Intelligent Flight Batteries along with the charging hub. Separately, these three items would cost $317, giving a $38 saving. The propeller guard, they says “adopts a ducted and precise aerodynamic design for smoother airflow and safer flight”. Obviously, prop guards are generally for safety rather than performance, but I am curious to hear how, if at all, they affect flight performance vs not having them on. After all, it’s an FPV drone and needs to be a lot nippier than your standard DJI Mini or Air.

The fact that the upper frame is available as an extra purchase tells me that DJI might also finally be starting to understand the FPV market and the risks FPV flyers are willing to take when out filming with them. They know these things are going to crash and the frame is probably going to be the first thing to go. That users can buy spares and swap them out themselves rather than having to rely on DJI service centres around the world to repair it for them is fantastic.

Although the items still show up in search results, clicking on any of them takes you to a standard Error 404 page. Clicking the Add to Cart button also does not add them to your cart. If you want to see the individual item listing screenshots from when they were still up, head on over to DroneDJ.

I’m very curious to see how the drone itself is priced when it’s released. Given the cost of the accessories, it doesn’t look like it’ll be too bad. There’s still no word on when we’ll actually hear an official announcement from DJI, though. But if retailers like Adorama are expecting products to come from DJI, then it can’t be very long now!

[via DroneDJ]

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