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6 Spectacular Photographers Using Profoto Lights For Beautiful Photos

Profoto is a popular lighting company with several products used by a range of professional photographers. The Profoto B10X recently received a four-star review from our Reviews Editor, Hilary Grigonis. And in 2019, the Profoto B10 received a glowing five-star review from EIC Chris Gampat. At that time, he proclaimed it was “The best light I’ve ever used.” We’ve interviewed many photographers using Profoto Lights, and in this piece, we’re going to reflect on the awesome work they create while using one of the industry’s best lighting systems.

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Kat Grudko

Kat Grudko uses the Profoto B10 Plus to illuminate her subjects for her dynamic portrait photography. She told us in a 2020 interview why she uses this system, “I tried one out earlier in the year and loved it!” We find Grudko’s use of studio lighting to be very subtle. It’s clear it’s there, but it’s not too overpowering. Because of that, Grudko creates gentle portraits that focus on her subject’s strong features. Take a look at our interview with one of our favorite photographers using Profoto lights here.

Stephanie Dolen

The Profoto D2 is Stephanie Dolen’s choice of light. The industry would refer to her as a still life photographer, but she disagrees. “I see flowers as living things more than still life objects,” wrote Dolen to us in our interview. And she’s able to show off that life through creative movement, giving her floral shots some added flair. The attention to detail in her frames leads to images that tick all the positive boxes, and she’s certainly one of our favorite photographers using Profoto gear. Take a look at her work here in our interview.

Mark Edward Harris

Another photographer flying the Profoto flag is professional photographer Mark Edward Harris. Unlike others in this piece, he’s not asking humans to stand in front of his lights and camera. Instead, the action revolves around Orangutans. He’s been photographing them since 2014, and his portfolio is full of portraits that make our hearts melt. It’s not easy photographing wildlife, but Harris has found the perfect formula to create such strong portraiture. You can see his work here in our interview with him.

Dennis Murphy

Dennis Murphy is an advertising photographer who trusts in his gear rather than his post-processing software. With minimal use of Photoshop, Murphy is a photographer using Profoto lights and a range of cameras to make clean, detailed, and engaging ad shots. Unlike traditional ad photography, which is often void of character and flair, Murphy has a body of work that is highly artistic, making his work stand out from others. It’s taken him over 30 years to get to such a high standard, but we’re glad he got there, and you will be too. Enjoy his work here.

Brandon Kidwell

One of our favorite photography techniques is the use of double exposure. All the photographers featured in this category are to a high standard, and Brandon Kidwell continues that trend. To us, his work represents the beautiful relationship between humanity and nature. His images show the innocence of a child, embedded in the tranquility of nature–it’s a beautiful sight to behold. Kidwell uses the Profoto B1 and the Canon EOS R to make his photographs. Check his work out here.

Michelle Watt

Michelle Watt is a high-level professional photographer. She’s also one of our favorite Asian American photographers. She’s very meticulous in the way she creates and leaves no stone unturned before making her shots. She’s received industry-wide praise and enjoyed commissions in TIME magazine and The New York Times. We love the color in her conceptual work and respect how she draws from past trauma to inspire her creations. See her recent interview with The Phoblographer here.

More Profoto Love

If you use Profoto, why not get in touch? In the comments below, you can let us know why you like the lighting manufacturer and why you think you have photographs we need to see. We’ve got an entire series called Creating the Photograph that specializes in teaching people about lighting.

Lead photo by Kat Grudko. All images used with permission.

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