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50 Sale Items That Will Become Your New Spring Staples

spring staple wardrobe pieces on sale


The Style Stalker Szymon Brzóska

No shade intended to my beloved winter staples, but there’s nothing better than the beginning of spring. This time of year can make anyone’s passion for dressing up rebloom—there are just so many great new trends, fashion week provides endless new outfit inspiration, and we’re finally able to ditch some of those heavy layers.

And while spring can make anyone excited about dressing up again, it can be stressful to shop for the new season. It’s already daunting enough to clean out our closets come spring, but buying new things? That’s a whole other project. Plus, spending a ton of money on new shoes, designer items, and any big trend of the moment can be taxing in every sense of the word. So, for those of you who want to make shopping for spring clothing a little easier and a little cheaper, ahead, we’ve rounded up some spring staple pieces all on sale right now.

From great denim to cute heels, these pieces are the perfect way to usher in the new season without spending a fortune.

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